College Tips

Webinar: Send Your Student to College for Pennies on the Dollar

Join the College Cash Pro team for our upcoming live webinar "Sending Your Student to College for Pennies on the Dollar" on Wednesday, September 18, 2013. Steve Stanganelli, CFP® of Clear View Wealth Advisors/College Cash Pro and the financial aid

Warning: Parental Help May Lead to Lower GPA

As parents we always want to do the very best for our kids and helping them pay for college is up there on the list.  But what if too much help is a bad thing? Sometimes the best of intentions can have unintended consequences. According to

New College Parents: Do This or You’re Just an ATM

Soon, you'll be moving your former high school senior to a new campus.  And you're going to find out that you have just been relegated to becoming an ATM machine UNLESS you take action right now. Up until now, you've been the go-to person for all

Mortgage Financing: Is It a Smart Way to Pay for College?

Thinking about college tuition?  Wondering about how to pay for that college degree?  You are not alone.  Many families turn to their home as one source to pay for college bills.  But is it the smartest thing to do?  A recent article in USA Today

Saving for College: 529 Tax Benefits Versus Plan Fees

Do the tax benefits of a 529 college savings plan outweigh the typical program's costs?  This is an important question since many parents are bombarded by marketing messages telling them the best way to save for college is through the tax-favored and

Colleges Want You: Be Prepared

This isn’t just a mantra to boost your student’s self-esteem.  This is the reality behind much in the way of college admissions. Colleges will pay for those students it wants. BUT for students to qualify for merit-based scholarships and grants –

College Funding: The 529 Solution

As kids we all remember paint by numbers.  These were simple and fun.  As parents we all want to find an equally simple to use solution to paying for college.  Qualified Tuition Plans, also referred to as 529 Plans, seem to be that but are they

College Students, How Much Are You Borrowing?

Sure, interest rates on student loans could cost more but what about the larger impact on the global economy that goes beyond the personal bottom line? You may recall that recently the stale-mated Congress finally came out with a "permanent"

College Selection and Emotion

Given the high price of a college degree, can you really decide where to go and how to finance it based on a gut check and emotion? For many the decision to pursue a college education has been motivated by a family culture that places a high value

FREE: The New Price of a College Degree in America

Concerned about the high cost of college?  Looking for ways to reduce your debt load?  As a student or parent of a college-bound student, you look at the sticker price for a degree and wonder if you really can afford the cost.  If you've ever worried