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If you are a typical parent with college bound students, you’re probably overwhelmed by the cost of a college education. And you’re probably equally overwhelmed by all the research necessary to help your sons and daughters make the right choices and prevent overpaying for their education.

You are not alone!

Get the facts. Educate yourself to potentially save tens of thousands of dollars on a single college education. Parents of more than one child heading to college in the next few years can save even more.

Here at College Cash Pro we are dedicated to helping families pay less for college and save their retirement through innovative financial and tax strategies. Our college funding planners work with families to help you plan for and navigate the “paying for college” process. We teach you how to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses, maximize financial aid eligibility, understand the best way to navigate through the college selection process and prioritize your sources of college funds to protect your life and retirement savings!

We'll help your student find the Right School for the Right Reason at the Right Price!

Pay for College Without Going Broke!

We Show You...
  • How to send your child to the school of his or her dreams without getting trapped in a financial nightmare.
  • How to double or triple your eligibility for free grant money.
  • What the 7 most common financial aid myths are. Do you think that you make too much money to qualify for aid? Think again, we’ll explain
  • Where to find the hidden scholarships and grants other parents will never hear about.
  • The single biggest mistake 9 out of 10 parents make when applying for scholarships that literally costs them thousands of dollars, and how to avoid it.
  • The shocking truth about college savings plans and how they can cost you money.


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