Client Care Center

Client Care Center

Short of buying a home, the investment many parents make towards their children’s college educations will be the largest they make in their lives. As long as you have a strategy to pay for college and control what you can control, you have a high probability of success.  The Client Care Center helps you protect your investment in your child’s education.

Client Care Standard

To help you avoid costly mistakes, we will help you by:

  • Apply for financial aid
  • Review data for accuracy and to help implement chosen funding strategy
  • Evaluate financial aid offers and recommend ways to improve them
  • Evaluate college loan offers and the impact on your funding plan

Client Care Premium Plus

With this program package offered through the help of our third-party partners, we will help with diagnostic tests to help your student identify the major/program of interest and the appropriate school based on financing criteria.

We can help recommend colleges or universities that offer a complementary fit for your student using Personality Profiles and Career Search tools.

College Admissions Accountability Coaching

Additionally, College Admissions Accountability Coaching is an excellent solution for parents with a college bound student in situations where:

  • The student/parents are somewhat overwhelmed or intimidated by the college admissions process
  • The parents  believe their child would benefit from one-on-one help
  • The student may at times tend to procrastinate
  • The student/parents may experience frustration and undue stress during  the college search and admissions process

You may find the benefits of an admissions coach appealing. Coaches don’t do the work for the student; the student and coach collaborate to develop a schedule of required action items and the student willingly and enthusiastically completes all the necessary action items. This results in a timely completion of career assessments and college searches and typically leads to actual applications being completed ahead of schedule and with reduced tension, stress and frustration for parent and child.

The student takes ownership and control of the process for reasons that are important to him. This, combined with the coach being permitted by the child to hold them accountable for the completion of milestones, makes for a much smoother application experience. Regular communication with the parents apprises them of the status of action items. With College Admissions Accountability Coaching, there is no need for the student to feel undue pressure or frustration and stress is greatly reduced.

Not only is the student coached through career assessments and finding colleges that are likely to be a good academic, social and financial match, but they are also coached on:

  • Contacting colleges
  • Scheduling visits or connecting with students
  • Registering for the Common Application or XAP
  • Choosing and scheduling the right standardized test at the best time for them
  • Researching and selecting essay topics, writing drafts and having them critiqued
  • Securing letters of recommendation from the teachers that college admissions will respect
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Managing the many applications students have to apply to if they want to be accepted to the right college for the right reasons at the right price
  • Meeting with their guidance counselor and following up on transcripts, midyear reports, etc.
  • Evaluating the college decision
  • And more!

The Premier PLUS service ensures that your student will manage the process in a way that will yield a great outcome for your family!

Guaranteed Tuition Rewards

Sage Tuition Rewards

We also offer access to special guaranteed minimum tuition offset opportunities for use at nearly 300 private colleges and universities throughout the United States.