There’s More to College Funding than College Savings

Did you know that in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and the New England area generally, the average total student budget for tuition, fees, room, board, and supplies is close to $21,000 each year? Tuition alone averages about $13,400 per year nationally. With inflation that’s more than $80,000 by the time you send ONLY ONE child to school – to an in-state school!. For out-of-state or private schools the price tag is even higher.

The Dilemma

money saving tipsWith the average four-year cost of college EXCEEDING $100,000 for one child, like most parents, you’re probably very concerned about paying for college. At the same time, you are even more concerned about saving for your retirement. Therein lies the dilemma:

  • Will you need to sacrifice your retirement in order to educate your children?
  • How can you pay for college without going broke or busting your retirement dreams?

Retirement and College Planning

Most parents think that “college planning” means “saving for college” – that they are identical. They see the two goals of saving for retirement and planning for college as mutually exclusive and so they do very little, if any, college planning.

Most parents – regardless of income – don’t plan for college until it becomes URGENT. This lack of planning actually increases their out-of-pocket college costs and may needlessly divert thousands of dollars from their retirement savings.

The fact is that college planning is NOT just “saving for college.” It also includes college planning and funding strategies that can help parents save ON their college costs – not just FOR college costs.

Solving the Dilemma

College Cash Pro, a service of Clear View Wealth Advisors, LLC, is a leader in providing college planning and funding solutions to parents of college-bound children, helping them solve their college funding dilemma. The practical benefit can be significant savings on a family’s overall college bill – dollars that could be reallocated for other, even more urgent purposes, like retirement savings.

Whether your income is $50,000 or $500,000, our expertise is intended to help you in the following ways:

  • Save on your out-of-pocket college costs.
  • Save untold hours of research and effort attempting to become an expert in college planning and funding.
  • Prepare and pay for college effectively and efficiently, without incurring suffocating debt or “robbing” your retirement accounts.
  • Learn ways to increase your retirement contributions during the college years.
  • Send your child to the college of your choice – not just the least expensive one.

Specialized Strategies

Most of us don’t have that kind of money lying around. That’s why College Cash, a service of Clear View Wealth Advisors, a fee only financial planning firm, has been helping parents reduce their college costs by providing specialized strategies for saving, preparing and funding a college education.

Some of these strategies include:

  • Income Planning
  • Asset Shifting & Titling
  • Tax Planning
  • Efficient Cash Flow Planning

Let the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals of College Cash, show YOU how to SAVE ON your child’s education. We use a combination of strategies to maximize eligibility for aid or minimize taxes and improve cash flow with a custom plan designed around your life. Experience the joy of watching your children cross that stage to receive their diploma…AND still have money left over for YOUR RETIREMENT! Sign up for your personal consultation or join us for one of our FREE webinars.

Reduce Costs

Let the CFP® Professionals at College Cash show you how you can START NOW, whether your child is 6 or 16, to reduce college costs. By ACTING NOW, you may save thousands of dollars on your college bill and income taxes. By working with Steve Stanganelli, CFP® of Clear View Wealth Advisors and our team of trained college planners and FEE ONLY CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERtm Professionals, you can integrate your financing strategies with your college search and find ways to SAVE ON college as well as SAVE FOR college without breaking your retirement nest egg.

Maximize Financial Aid

Improve your odds to maximize financial aid and scholarships. Gain peace of mind through the college admission process. Get beyond the myths about financing college and qualifying for financial aid and get straight answers from trained professionals. There’s a better way to pay for college. And it starts here.

Plan Well. Invest Smart. Live Better…
With Clear View.

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