Paying for College with Private Scholarships

Private sector scholarships (WalMart, Target, etc., etc.) are a very attractive form of college funding for one simple reason – the money is given to the student and most-often does not have to be repaid. There are literally thousands of scholarships from all across the country that are available to students. However, locating applicable scholarship sponsors is a very competitive and often time-consuming project.

Portable Scholarships

The majority of these awards are portable – meaning that they may be used at any college, university, or post-secondary higher education institution of your choosing. Please keep in mind that some private sector scholarships are merit-based, and some are financial-need based. Sponsors will have their own individual requirements.

About Private Sector Scholarships

Only three percent (3%) of all the financial aid awarded annually in the United States comes from private-sector scholarships. Although private sector scholarships make up a very small portion of the awarded funding, they are certainly worth the time and effort simply because the money is given and does not have to be repaid.

Most private sector scholarship sponsors will accept application request letters from students who wish to apply for the award. However, some sponsors require that the student contact them using another method, such as the sponsor’s website, or a local club, group, or organization, for example.  Please remember scholarships have deadlines.

Search for Scholarships – Free Money for College

Quickly locate over 15,000 merit scholarships offered by colleges and foundations around the US in amounts ranging from $500 to $40,000 or more including full-ride and full-tuition scholarships.

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Best Scholarship Websites: What to Consider

I’ve gathered the top six scholarship websites that excel in finding worthwhile scholarships and that also present pertinent information regarding college and university life. Keep these points in mind while browsing the list:

  • What types of costs can this be applied towards?
  • Do I need to submit any type of financial background or history?
  • Can I filter the results to suit my needs?
  • Have other students found success using this resource?

Not every opportunity is the right one for every single student. By choosing an appropriate website for your circumstances, you can generate a list of scholarships specifically geared toward your own strengths and needs.

For more scholarship search tips you may also want to visit the MoneySavingsPro blog  or reach out to a college financial planning advisor here at College Cash Pro.