Tuition Buster Platinum Program

College Plan with Family Funding Analysis

A formal professional plan that calculates necessary financial information and college selection information for your son or daughter. This is our keystone product. It includes a calculation of your family’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC), Cost of Attendance (COA) at likely schools, Scholarship Opportunities, evaluation of student and home loan options, a Cash Flow Model for managing family finances during the college years, and the projected impact of various tax, savings, and cash flow strategies on lowering college costs.

Aid Eligibility & College Cost Comparison Reports

This report will show your calculated EFC and the award history of up to 5 different colleges in a head-to-head format, and forecast your out-of-pocket expense at each. This report could save you thousands of dollars in errant assumptions about the true cost of college. Additional reports can include a detailed EFC projection for both FAFSA and PROFILE, and a “What Will College Cost Estimate” report.

What-If Analysis

Changes in a family’s financial structure may result in greater financial aid eligibility. This analysis will show the financial aid eligibility impact of specific recommended changes. This report demonstrates the value of the recommendations, and can allow the parent(s) the opportunity to make an informed decision.

Retirement Ready or Not: Retirement Boomer® Report

This process will provide you with a projection of your retirement readiness. Without this knowledge parents routinely OVERSPEND on college and find out too late that they have delayed or destroyed their retirement dreams.

The CVS System

We developed this College Visit Scoring System to provide a way of measuring how well every school will match up to your student’s expectations. Using our system and criteria ranking that is derived from the student’s educational objectives, you’ll have a method of evaluating schools that goes beyond visual impressions and prevents relying too heavily on recollection or emotion. This is a numbers-based, portable system that should be used on EVERY college visit.

College Quick Reference

Consistently formatted data on more than 13,000 US colleges and universities in an easy to digest and evaluate 2-page report. Up to TEN different reports are available upon request. These reports are key to efficient and accurate head to head comparisons. While this data is available elsewhere, no single source provides a more convenient display of: Cost, Freshman Academic Profile, Size, Campus Characteristics, Extra-Curricular Clubs and Activities, Majors, Affiliations, Financial Detail, Award History, Admissions & Contact Data and the most important statistic: 4-, 5 and 6-year graduation rates.

College Parent Kit & Planning Resource Binder

This handsome binder contains valuable resources including financial aid reference guides, student and parent loan information, college planning calendar, scholarship information, websites and strategies. Over the life of your college planning, this binder can become the focal point of an organized approach. Clients will find that they include visit notes, application copies, college correspondence and other relevant college search data in this binder.

College and Retirement: You Can Do Both

This book guides parents through the confusing world of college planning. Mr. Moffitt, the president and founder of Summit College Funding and CPR-College Planning Relief™, has compiled an easy to read guidebook that dispels myths about college planning and presents thought-provoking strategies to consider while developing a plan for paying for college.

Professional Counseling

You will be offered unlimited email support and up to three (3) phone meetings of up to one hour each on topics of your choice during which the following may be discussed:

  • Retirement projections and improvement
  • College Funding recommendations and design
  • Award Letter and/or Student Aid Report review
  • Parent cash flow improvement
  • FAFSA counseling (not Preparation or Submission)

529 Plan Portfolio Lab Analysis

Review of 52+ college savings plans to determine the one that best suits your needs and time frame along with a personal recommended allocation and changes.

Client Care Center with College Admissions Accountability Coaching

With this program package offered through the help of our third-party partners, we can help recommend colleges or universities that offer a complementary fit for your student using Personality Profiles and Career Search tools. Using diagnostic tools we help your student identify the major/program of interest and the appropriate school based on financing criteria. Depending on which of the three service levels you choose, our partners may assist with managing the college timeline from campus visits through interviews including testing, preparing applications, reviewing essays and securing recommendation letters.

College Ed Xpress Newsletter

This monthly e-newsletter will keep you on top of the college planning calendar as well as provide insight into time-specific considerations. It will also make you aware of the latest developments in the college planning and financial aid world. Financial aid rules can change frequently and major changes are common annually.