College Planning Services

College Plan with Family Funding Analysis

This service is a formal professional plan that calculates necessary financial information and college selection information for your son or daughter. This is our keystone product and is by far our most popular service.

college planning services

Did you know …

  •  The average graduate today takes 6 years to earn a 4 year degree, but some schools do better on this than others?
  •  Often more aid is available to you for private school tuition than for the state university?
  •  Students may qualify for aid despite family income over $150,000?

There are many more surprises that can save thousands of dollars in your out-of-pocket cost!


The plan considers these important factors:

  • Finding Scholarship Award Programs Related to Your Student’s School, Major and Other Important Criteria.
  • Implementing Asset, Income and Tax Strategies to Maximize Your Aid Eligibility.
  • Understanding “Expected Family Contribution” and Ways to Lower What You May Have to Pay.
  • Cost of Attendance.
  • Filing FAFSA Correctly.
  • Comparing Public vs. Private.

Strategies to Lower Your College Costs

Depending on your circumstances Clear View Wealth Advisors, LLC will evaluate and suggest:

  1. Strategies for parents with young children (early starters)
  2. Strategies for parents with high-school students (late starters). Especially high school juniors/seniors
  3. Strategies for middle-income families – $50,000 – $150,000
  4. Strategies for high-income families – $150,000+
  5. Strategies for business owners
  6. Strategies for grandparents that want to help with college funding
  7. Strategies for qualifying for financial aid
  8. Strategies for funding shortfalls
  9. Strategies for real estate investors
  10. Strategies for divorced parents
  11. Strategies for lowering property and income taxes
  12. Strategies for dealing with family gifts and estate plans
  13. Strategies for asset gifts, transfers or titling
  14. And more!

So, how exactly are we going to help you more effectively and efficiently prepare and pay for college costs – regardless of your income level? It starts with a correct diagnosis of your situation. Just as a doctor asks a patient questions in order to formulate a diagnosis and prescribe a remedy, your responses to the online data form will help the College Cash Pros at Clear View Wealth Advisors, LLC to diagnose your situation.

With the help of specialized college planning software as well as our experience, your responses are used to develop your customized college funding plan. Your customized college funding plan will help us to develop an action plan. It takes into account many variables such as the years until college, your financial situation, the schools you would like to consider and other important variables. Read on for details about your custom college funding plan based on your particular circumstances.

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