College Tips


"Where are you going to college next year?" Before you can answer that question, you really need to know which college is right for you. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself as you begin deciding where you want to go to college. Let's face it: This

Visit a College Without Stepping on Campus

What if you can't make the college tour? Here's how to visit a college without stepping on campus. Setting foot on campus is always a good idea, but it's often not practical. Trying to fit in college campus visits around a busy family schedule

3 College Rankings Worth Considering

With higher education costs escalating faster than traditional inflation, it's important to treat the college selection process as the serious investment it is. Whether you, your child, grandchild or other loved one is researching colleges and

Planning for College Expenses

Aside from buying a home, paying for a child's college education can be one of the most expensive things a family will do.  Planning for college expenses requires a lot of thought and families can benefit from professional guidance. So how will

Pay Wholesale for a College Education

Allow me to be brutally honest with the parents of college-bound students.   Unless you pay wholesale for a college education, you're paying too much. If you're like most parents, you'll be duped into paying retail but you should think smarter to pay

Paying the Bill for Private School

As daunting as the ‘paying for college’ conversation is with many of my clients, sometimes we have to talk about how do you best handle paying the bill for school before college? Paying the bill for a private school can be a challenge and can

Young Parents Prepare for College: Part 3

How do young parents prepare for college?  Heck, the kids may not even be out of diapers yet and you start hearing voices inside your head.  Is that your conscience or (in my case) a toddler calling out Daddy at 3 AM wanting to play with his

What Can Parents Do To Make Paying For College Easier

Paying for college involves lots of moving pieces.  What can parents do to make paying for college easier on their wallets now and their retirement dreams later? Parents of college-bound high school students are served better when they and their

Top 7 Myths About College Financial Aid

If you’re the parent or grandparent of a college bound high school student, you may be overlooking substantial financial assistance and tax opportunities and not even know it.  Why? Too often parents become victims of the top 7 myths about college

Paying for College: 4 Helpful Tips for Grandparents

There is a saying that to raise a child takes a village.  It also takes money.  Some reports indicate that the cost of raising a child today through high school graduation for a dual-income family is just about $250,000. Adding in the cost of