A Word About Fees

Invest Your Time and Save on College

Clear View Wealth Advisors, LLC, the parent of College Cash Pro, is a leader in providing college planning and funding solutions to parents and grandparents of college-bound children, helping them solve their college funding dilemma.

The practical benefit of our WealthCare™ / CollegeCashPro™ programs can be significant savings on a family’s overall college bill – dollars that could be reallocated for other, even more urgent purposes, like retirement savings.

Before you invest potentially $100,000 or more for college tuition, fees and housing — one of the largest expenses your family may ever make next to buying a home or funding retirement – invest some time with a qualified college planner and find ways to SAVE ON the cost of college … potentially 40% or more off the sticker price.

With the help of our College Cash Pro WealthCare ™ programs, you’ll save money on taxes, investment and insurance expenses and spend less than you might otherwise pay for a college education through a combination of personalized strategies.

As fee-for-service (as opposed to fee-based or commission-based) professionals, we do not make any money from recommending, selling, or trading financial, insurance or annuity products and services. Somebody does have to pay us, and from a conflict-of-interest standpoint, we believe it should only be the people we’re advising — not the companies, products, individuals or investments we might be recommending.

We charge a fixed fee generally based on your student’s age, your income, net worth, tax status, scope and complexity of your family’s situation.  A deposit is due with the beginning of a project and the balance is payable monthly over for the duration of the project period outlined in the service agreement.

College Cash Pro Tuition Buster & WealthCare© Package Fees:

Program fees are quoted on a sliding scale based on a student’s grade and combination of family adjusted gross income and net worth.

Hourly Rate Option for Planning Services (Minimum fee is $360 or 3 hour minimum, whichever is higher):

  • $90 per hour for gross income up to $50,000 and/or net worth up to $100,000
  • $120 per hour for gross income > $50,000 up to $120,000 and/or net worth up to $250,000
  • $150 per hour for gross incomes > $120,000 up to $150,000 and/or net worth up to $500,000
  • $200 per hour for gross incomes up to $200,000 and/or net worth up to $1M
  • $250 per hour for gross incomes > $200,000 and/or net worth > $1M up to $2.5M
  • $300 per hour for higher incomes or net worth or special projects not otherwise listed

Services are available in bundles as well as on an a la carte basis.

Professional Evaluation / Review (2 hours) are available starting at $300.

Parent DIY Resource Kit:

  • $360  or
  • $180 if added to Bronze or Silver bundled programs or
  • Included at no additional fee in Gold and Platinum bundled programs

Budget and College Cash Flow Analysis:  Starting at $500

529 Savings Plan Selection: $500

529 Portfolio Lab Analysis with personalized investment recommendation and one-year support: add $250

FAFSA and Profile Form Answer Key / Financial Aid Form Preparation:  $300

Strategy Sessions –  2 1/2 Hour In-Depth Consultation without Formal Reports:  Starting at $600

College Funding and Retirement Readiness Check: $800

Strategy Sessions – 3 Hour In-Depth Consultation with Reports: 

Starting at:

  • $800 for one student
  • $900 for two students
  • $1,250 for three students

Annual Review: $900

Annual Review including FAFSA preparation assistance: $1,100

Client Care Center Financial Aid and College Admission Services

For more detailed information on these services, click here

  • Client Care Premier – Starting at $1,250
  • Client Care Premier Plus – Starting at $1,800

Tuition Buster Bundles

A set of formal professional plans that help a family calculate the optimal funding strategy for their situation along with professional advisor guidance.

Program bundle fees range between $750 and $4,000 depending on the age of the student and package of services requested but average approximately $150 per month – well under the cost for fees and textbooks for one semester.

Tuition Buster Bronze:   $1,200 plus $350/student (1)

Reports and Analyses Included:

  • Cashflow Summary Review
  • College Cost Calculator to Determine College Education Needs (up to 2 colleges)
  • Estimate of Funding Gap
  • Projected Expected Family Contribution
  • Review of Tax Planning Strategies to Lower College Costs

Tuition Buster Silver:  $1,500 plus $350 per student (1)

Reports and Analyses Included

  • Family Funding Analysis with Cash Flow Plan
  • Projected Expected Family Contribution
  • Aid Eligibility Comparison Report comparing multiple college options
  • College Cost Calculator to Determine College Education Needs (up to 4 colleges)
  • Projection of Funding Gap
  • Review of Tax Planning Strategies to Lower College Costs
  • Strategies and tips to lower EFC and/or maximize aid
  • Limited advisor support for one-year

Tuition Buster Silver Plus Retirement Review: $1,800 plus $350 per student (1)

  • Everything in the Tuition Buster Silver PLUS
  • Retirement Readiness Report

Tuition Buster Gold: $2,400 plus $300 per student (1)

  • Everything in the Tuition Buster Silver with Retirement Review PLUS
  • College Visit Scoring System
  • College Quick Reference Guides
  • Specialized Scholarship Search
  • 529 Plan Selection and Portfolio Lab Analysis with Investment Advice
  • Parent Resource Kit
  • Career Assessment to Determine Course of Study (11th Grade+)
  • Full Advisor Support for one-year with mid-year update

Tuition Buster Platinum:  $3,600 plus $300 per student (1)


Footnote 1:  Fees may be adjusted to reflect more complex income, asset, tax and liability situations.  Call for details.


  • Multiple student discounts available for 3 or more students in a family
  • Services are available separate from the bundled program presented here.



Monthly installment payment plans available.  Credit cards accepted.