College & Your Retirement

retirement and college planning
KNOWING HOW EXPENSIVE college can be, it’s no surprise that the impact on a parent’s retirement could be devastating. In order to allow a parent the opportunity to make a financially responsible decision on how much they’ll commit to funding the college expense, we provide each client with an ability to step into the future more confidently.

Evaluating current retirement savings, annual and projected contribution and matches along with any other anticipated retirement resources will give a parent advanced knowledge which could make the difference between unintentionally having to work well beyond the desired retirement date, or a successful and happy retirement.

While every family is free to make their own decisions with respect to how much to commit to the college expense, we want our clients to have the ability to make them with adequate knowledge and in consideration of the net financial impact. A retirement forecast provides insight, without which, a parent’s financial future may be put into jeopardy unnecessarily.

If your college funding plan interferes with your ability to retire, when would you want to know … ?

Retirement Boomer® Report

Retirement boomer reportPaying for college is as much about retirement as anything else. Before making a decision, find out how it impacts your retirement plan with this overview analysis that looks at the impact of various goal and cash flow decisions on your longer-term retirement goal. Find out if your intended college funding plan will keep you in the green Retirement Confidence Zone.

Paying for College – A Retirement Funding Problem for Parents

For every $1.00 paid out for college tuition now, you’re at risk of losing about $1.30 in funds for retirement later.  Are you really ready for that kind of trade-off?

Next to buying a home, a child’s college tuition is probably the largest single expense a family will ever incur. Today’s college education costs range from $11,000 to $23,000 per year at a state college and $26,000 to $52,000 or more at a private college. That’s $44,000 to over $250,000 for a four-year education. How will families meet this obligation? Some families spend their life and/or retirement savings. Others take out home equity loans and burden their family budgets. Clear View Wealth Advisors, LLC and can provide solutions to save you money.

Understanding Financial Assistance & Tax Strategies

If you’re the parent or grandparent of a college bound high school student, you may be overlooking substantial financial assistance and tax opportunities and not even know it. Not understanding the financial assistance or other tax strategies offered today could be costing your family thousands of dollars and a better education for the student. You may think your family makes too much money or has too many assets to qualify for any financial assistance. This is probably not the case. Are you a business owner or real estate investor? Then you may have more options than you think to increase odds for more financial aid at lower overall costs.