SAGE Guaranteed Tuition Rewards

Tuition Rewards Make College More Affordable

We also offer access to special guaranteed minimum tuition offset opportunities for use at over 310 private colleges and universities throughout the United States.

As a participating member of the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards® Program, we offer guaranteed tuition rewards – up to one full year’s tuition – at more than 310 participating private colleges and universities when you attend one of our workshops or client review meetings. 

Earn 500 points for attending one of our events.

Earn 500 points for meeting with a College Cash Pro planner.

Earn 500 points for review meetings.

Each year your account balance grows by 5%.

Earn additional points by investing through our financial partner, Clear View Wealth Advisors, LLC, a state-registered investment adviser.

There is no cost to participate in this SAGE program.

Illustration of How It Works

How SAGE Tuition Rewards Works with Investments