Top 10 FAQs About College Financial Aid

It’s financial aid season once again. Here are our top 10 FAQs about college financial aid asked by parents and students from among the many questions we've handled about the subject over the years: 1. I probably don't qualify for aid because I make

FAFSA Time – Is Your Checklist Ready?

It’s FAFSA time again so is your checklist ready? Starting October 1st, 2018, new seniors in high school can file their FAFSA forms for the 2019-2020 college year using their 2017 IRS 1040 data. Although both the student’s and parents’ income

New College Parents: Do This or You’re Just an ATM

Soon, you'll be moving your former high school senior to a new campus.  And you're going to find out that you have just been relegated to becoming an ATM machine UNLESS you take action right now. Up until now, you've been the go-to person for all