Smart Way to Borrow for College

The smart way to borrow for college needs to begin with a plan.  Too often families turn first to loans to fill in the gap for the high cost of a college education.  Taking on too much debt to pay for college will burden parents and their children as

Five 529 Plan Myths

A 529 savings plan is a tax-smart way to save for your child or grandchild's college education.  You can be ahead of the game by avoiding these five 529 Plan myths that could be costly. Myth 1:  I must use the 529 Plan offered by my state of

Pay Wholesale for a College Education

Allow me to be brutally honest with the parents of college-bound students.   Unless you pay wholesale for a college education, you're paying too much. If you're like most parents, you'll be duped into paying retail but you should think smarter to pay

Financial Aid Impact of Savings and Investments

College funding is a combination of strategies to lower the overall cost.  It's not just about 529 savings or dealing with the FAFSA.  It is more holistic.  When considering the financial aid impact of savings and investments on college funding,

How to Pay for Your Graduate Degree

As more and more students look to continue their educations the big question is how to pay for your graduate degree. Nowadays, a college degree is almost a requirement to get any job in our knowledge economy.  Oftentimes, a graduate degree is needed

College Funding: Paying for College with Tax Scholarships

Parents need to understand that there is more to college funding than a 529 Plan. Saving FOR the cost of college is not the same as saving ON the cost of college. And there are more ways to save on the cost than to simply rely on scholarships, grants

College Financial Aid Myths

College financial aid myths persist and they can be a big danger to your financial health.  If you don't understand how the college funding system works, you're likely short-changing yourself now and in the future. Most people right now are

7 Investment Ideas for College Students and Parents

College is expensive but you shouldn't neglect building your future nest egg and having a solid financial foundation under you.  Financial freedom begins early but it's never too late for students or their parents.  Here are 7 investment ideas for

College Planning: Paying for College without Going Broke

Join Steve Stanganelli and the Georgetown (MA) PTA for a college financial planning workshop "College Planning: Paying for College without Going Broke" at the Georgetown Peabody Public Library (2 Maple Street, Georgetown, MA) from 7 PM to 8 PM on