Twenty-One Ways to Pay for College

If your kids are heading off to college, you want to know how to pay for college. Whether they're going this fall, next year or further down the road, you can stay calm by having a plan. In this series of posts , I'll outline twenty-one ways to pay

Student Loans Burden Older Americans

We all know college is expensive and student loan debt continues to grow to nearly $1.2 trillion.  But for those nearing retirement, evidence shows that student loans burden older Americans more and more each year.  Here at CollegeCashPro, we've been

Your Student Loans and the Government Shutdown

This whole government shutdown mess is one of those on-going teachable moments my wife and I are so familiar with when dealing with two occasionally crying toddler boys.  As I like to say to my four- and two-year old toddlers when they do something