10 Tips to Help You Pay for College

Now that your college student has set up house at the college dorm, you may be breathing a sigh of relief. Or not. How do you now pay for the hefty college tuition bill? At today's prices, it's not hard to pay in the range of a brand new luxury car

Storm Clouds for College Funding

The powers that be in Washington, DC have been very busy. After a year of many pandemic-induced changes, Congress and bureaucrats have decided to add more change to the college funding landscape. The rules on how financial aid is calculated and

College Savings in a Volatile Market

Paying for college is pricey enough. And it's always a good time to save in a tax-efficient way through a 529 College Savings Plan. But what do you do with college savings in a volatile market? Well, the same advice also applies to another long-term

Top 10 FAQs About College Financial Aid

It’s financial aid season once again. Here are our top 10 FAQs about college financial aid asked by parents and students from among the many questions we've handled about the subject over the years: 1. I probably don't qualify for aid because I make

FAFSA Time – Is Your Checklist Ready?

It’s FAFSA time again so is your checklist ready? Starting October 1st, 2018, new seniors in high school can file their FAFSA forms for the 2019-2020 college year using their 2017 IRS 1040 data. Although both the student’s and parents’ income


"Where are you going to college next year?" Before you can answer that question, you really need to know which college is right for you. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself as you begin deciding where you want to go to college. Let's face it: This

Visit a College Without Stepping on Campus

What if you can't make the college tour? Here's how to visit a college without stepping on campus. Setting foot on campus is always a good idea, but it's often not practical. Trying to fit in college campus visits around a busy family schedule

Headed for Divorce? How to Pay for Your Children’s College Education

If you're headed for divorce you may want to stop to think about how to pay for your children's college education. When parents divorce, there are a lot of emotions and financial issues to deal with along the way. A big concern for many a they are

Amesbury MA Financial Planner Earns Certified College Funding Specialist Designation

Steve Stanganelli CFP® of College Cash Pro accepted for Membership in the Association of Certified College Funding Specialists and Earns College Funding Designation  AMESBURY, Mass. – Jan. 6, 2018 – PRLog — On January 3, 2018, Steve

College-Saving Families Flying Blind

Bats are known for having notoriously bad eye-sight. But they compensate by using a built-in sonar system. According to a recent Fidelity survey, parents are pretty much acting like bats when it comes to college finances. College-saving families are