College Tips

College Planning Tips from Car Buyers

College is expensive and getting more expensive every year.  It's almost like buying a new car.  You wouldn't simply show up at a car dealer's lot and drive off with the first car you saw, would you?  I didn't think so.  Well, here you can use these

Life Insurance for College Savings – Proceed with Caution

As the foliage starts to turn and campus tours bring a new crop of potential applicants to colleges everywhere, anxious parents worry about how to pay for that college degree.  Parents may be pitched the benefits of cash value life insurance as a

The College Funding Dilemma

With the cost of a college degree exceeding $60,000 and in many cases approaching $100,000 or more for a bachelor's degree at an in-state public university, how will you pay for it?  You can beg, borrow and probably steal (though not recommended) but

The Myth of the Gerber College Plan

The pitch is appealing as several young families sit around and wonder how they will pay for college for that remarkably quiet bundle of joy in the middle of their little coffee klatch. Solution? Gerber College Plan! Worth your time and money? Nope.

Taxes on Social Security Benefits for Dependent Students

Do you have a dependent child attending college who also receives Social Security Benefits? How does this affect financial aid and income taxes?  These types of questions come up from time to time.  I have several college planning clients whose

Ask the College Cash Pro: 529 Plan Distributions

    Do the distributions from a 529 plan need to be taken the same year as expenses? Q.)  Tanner from Temecula, California asks:  My daughter is starting her 2nd year of college and I'm wondering if distributions need to be taken each

Paying for College – A Retirement Funding Problem for Parents

Next to buying a home, a child’s college tuition is probably the largest single expense a family will ever incur. Today's college education costs range from $11,000 to $23,000 per year at a state college and $26,000 to $52,000 or more at a private

Why Parents Need a College Planner Professional

Let's face it.  We live in a complex world.   There are just so many ways to get tripped up in our daily lives and a helping hand goes a long way to lower the stress and the cost of most things.  This is especially true when it comes to matters of

Webinar: Send Your Student to College for Pennies on the Dollar

Join the College Cash Pro team for our upcoming live webinar "Sending Your Student to College for Pennies on the Dollar" on Wednesday, September 18, 2013. Steve Stanganelli, CFP® of Clear View Wealth Advisors/College Cash Pro and the financial aid

Warning: Parental Help May Lead to Lower GPA

As parents we always want to do the very best for our kids and helping them pay for college is up there on the list.  But what if too much help is a bad thing? Sometimes the best of intentions can have unintended consequences. According to